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“My name is Scotty Pittsford and I would like to express my gratitude for the inventYES program and share how it inspired me.

I have always been known for being the ‘inventor kid’ because I am always thinking of ideas for how to improve things. My cousin Blake had gone through the inventRight program and recommended that I look into licensing. I didn’t have the money to spend on the inventRight program (as most 16 year olds wouldn’t) but I loved that you could make money by coming up with ideas because I love to do that anyway. I always wanted to do something more with my ideas but I didn’t know how. My ideas would end up as just scribbles in a notebook or as half-finished prototypes. I knew I wanted to see my ideas become products on store shelves, but I thought that was out of reach for me as a high school student.

I found out about Madeleine and Stephen’s inventYES program and I was thrilled because they told me that what I wanted to do was absolutely possible and they would teach me how to do it. I was so grateful that there was something accessible to me, that would teach me how to license. Everyone at inventYES truly care about teaching young people how to license and their passion for it is evident.

It was great to be able to be taken seriously as a kid and to be taught these valuable skills. I felt encouraged to pursue my passions, which was such a contrast from what most people say, which is “just wait till you’re older.” I learned a lot by going through the program and they gave great learning material. I was pleasantly surprised by how easy the whole process was. The way the program was taught made everything easy to follow and understand. I truly feel like anyone my age can learn how to do it. I was given the right tools, resources, and encouragement to start licensing on my own.

I went through the program with an idea for rubber wheel covers that you could put on your plastic trash bin wheels so that they don’t make so much noise when rolling. I reached out to many companies, each time more confident than the last. The program taught me what to say, and how to say it when talking to companies. I eventually got three companies that were interested. However, they were not interested in manufacturing the product, only selling it. Nevertheless, I was able to find an idea I thought would work, write and file a provisional patent application, make my own sell sheet, and contact companies that gave me positive responses. For my first try at licensing, I would call that a success.

I am almost 18 now and have started my own company. Our business model is centered around licensing. None of it would have been possible if it weren’t for the skills that I learned at inventYES.”

— Scotty Pittsford, teenage inventor and founder of ThinQbator

ryand woofwasher1woofwasherlogo

Over 63 Million Views Online

“Thank you Stephen for guiding me through every aspect of the licensing game. Because of you I have found a licensee for my product, the Woof Washer 360. Stephen has been with me since day one, and I can tell all of you that he is a true gentleman. The only thing I can boast more about than InventRight itself, is the man behind the company. Stephen is a class act and in my opinion the expert in the field of licensing and product development. Stephen teaches you how to contact companies, who to contact at those companies, and what to say to them. He assisted me in nearly every aspect of the journey; including product ideation, improvements, patent writing, contract negotiations, and everything in between. My product has now gone ‘Viral’ on Facebook and looks like it is going to be a major success. I’m not so sure I would be in this position had I not met Stephen Key.

Thank you again,

Your friend, Ryan

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Watch the Woof Washer 360 on Good Morning America


ZipitZipIt Clean

“I have attended one of Stephen Key’s seminars and purchased the inventRight course that covers the “10 Steps To Invention Success” I will tell you it was the BEST MONEY SPENT. I have been designing and inventing for years, and I am always learning. Listening to Stephen was just confirming what I have been doing for years…Keep the process simple. The “10 Steps To Invention Success” is a MUST read. The process is broken down into Steps that makes it simple to follow and gives you a roadmap to Success. While I was listening to Stephen and his Process…I just kept nodding my head “YES” “YES” “YES”. I have followed these Basic Steps for years in my own Product Developing and Inventing process, but Stephen puts it into a very Easy To Follow Process. Product Developing, Inventing, Patenting, and Licensing, has been my life, and I have made $Millions …YOU CAN TOO!!!”

Eugene (Gene) L.

Hit product sold in thousands of stores! – Congratulations Gene.

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unnamed-2SoapSox – Lori Greiner And Robert Herjavec of Shark Tank Offer $1 Million For SoapSox.

“As a designer and a creative person, I’ve always had great ideas. But I never thought to even consider developing these ideas into real products myself because I have always felt it was beyond my reach. That all changed when I met Stephen and his SpinLabel technology. After collaborating with him on a couple of Disney projects, he opened my eyes to possibilities I never thought was within my grasp. He as changed my trajectory and has been a huge inspiration, a supportive friend, and a great mentor ever since. Reading his books has changed my life and perspective. You can say, his “One Simple Idea” books have been like a bible to me… especially now. His books gave me the motivation I needed to explore beyond my boundaries.

I’ve recently developed a product called “SoapSox” that was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank Season 6. Stephen was, in fact, our “phone a friend” lifeline as my business partner and I swam with the Sharks during our pitch. From product development, sourcing, to structuring licensing deals, or even as a sounding board for creative ideas for SoapSox… He has been a guiding light every single step of the way. I can honestly say Stephen has been an instrumental “Key” to my success.

Thanks again for everything, Stephen! You’re the best!!”

~Alvin Uy
VP/Co-Founder of SoapSox
& CEO / Creative Director of Insight Creative Group, Inc.

Check out the SoapSox website here.



Wizor Wall Scissor

I just licensed my idea to one of the largest company in the USA!

“I wish I had been introduced to Stephen Key and his course, Inventright when I began my journey of bringing my idea to market. I would have avoided costly mistakes such as hiring business consultants, business coaches and marketing firms to name a few. The world of innovation is masqueraded with glamour and misleading “You can do it, too!” services, courses, books and conferences. But Stephen Key’s Inventright course is the real deal!

I have been thrilled with the support I have received from Stephen! His years of experience, critical and strategic thinking, attention to detail, introductions to a network of attorneys and coaching calls have been nothing less than phenomenal. With Stephen’s coaching, I am confident that my product, The Wizor® will soon be on store shelves nationwide.

I highly recommend taking his course and learning firsthand how to really take your idea from concept to reality! It’s the best investment I have made!”

– Angelica L. Cox
Creator of The Wizor® wall scissors

Winner of Pitch To Win – Steve Harvey Show – $10,000


Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss, serial entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, public speaker and angel investor. Best known for his rapid-learning techniques, Tim transformed the landscape of working men and women worldwide with “The 4-Hour Workweek” followed byThe 4-Hour Body” and “The 4-Hour Chef.”


tfshowStephen Key and inventright Mentioned As Excellent Resource In #1 New York Times Best Seller, “Four-Hour Workweek”

From page 164
“Stephen Key is the most consistently successful inventor I’ve ever met, with millions in royalties from companies like Disney, Nestle, and Coca-Cola. He is not high-tech but specializes in creating simple products or improving on existing products and then licensing (renting) his ideas to large corporations. He comes up with the idea, files a provisional patent for less than $200, and then lets another company do the work while he collects checks. This site introduces his fail-proof process for doing the same. His techniques for cold calling alone are invaluable. Highly recommended”

– Tim Ferriss – The 4-Hour Workweek

Kevin D Smith 2


It works!
Stephens’s system actually worked… and exactly like you said it would! From making the cold calls to the sales sheet, every aspect of the system gave me the confidence I needed to present my product in an intelligent and concise way. One of my potential licensees said that my presentation was the most organized and professional that they had ever seen in 30 years of being in business. Stephen and Andrew have been an essential on my journey of bringing my drum product to the market. I’m so grateful for their wisdom, knowledge and insight and I really appreciate the fact that I was able to personally talk with Steven and Andrew on multiple occasions for advice and guidance. Invent Right is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to bring their ideas to the market. I loved the YouTube videos, weekly webinars and most of all the book “10 Steps To Bring Your Idea To Market” it was indispensable! I highly recommend this dynamic duo of product licensing!

– Kevin Smith

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Kevin shaking hands with the owner of the company he licensed to.




We have now had 17,000 orders placed for the Zirkel!!! We are in the process of filling the orders. Also have another 5,000 on the horizon to contribute to breast cancer awareness, since I’m a 21 year survivor, this means a lot to me!! All but 1,000 have been ordered by the first distributor. I have also read your article on INC. about negotiating I have learned good things already. I heard someone say, “You get good answers because you’ve learned how to ask good questions”. Learning what those “good” questions are is the trick, but worth the discovery.

Thank you Stephen!

– Marti M.


Flipout Screwdriver

Having spent the last 11 years doing everything the hard way, I can certainly appreciate the methods that you’re teaching. It was definitely a learning process for me. While the Flipout Screwdriver definitely falls outside the norm in that it required lots of expensive prototyping to get it to the proof of concept phase, I am definitely going to be using more of the inventRight concepts on my next project (this one falls into the toy category… super excited). Just wanted to commend you on the great job you’re doing for the inventor community. Andrew and Stephen are a great team, and I’m constantly learning new things from you guys. Keep up the great work!

— Joel T.


Nokero Solar

inventRight Student Steve Katsaros has built an incredible company and program using the tools he learned from inventRight.

A mechanical engineer with a penchant for competitive ski racing, Steve Katsaros began his colorful career with the invention of several commercial products for the ski industry. His first brush with “impact inventing” came in 2002 with RevoPower, a motorized wheel for bicycles. In early 2010, he came up with another bright idea – a simple, portable solar light bulb with the potential to revolutionize life for the 1.4 billion people in the world who live without access to electricity. Five months after his first sketch, Steve launched Nokero, a for-profit company with a mission to provide affordable solar technology solutions for off-grid communities around the world.

Visit Steve’s website to learn more:




Inventright is a company that truly wants to see you succeed. Stephen and Andrew together are a powerhouse of expertise! The course materials, webinars and one on one coaching are first class! Much like anything you do in life you get out what you put in. If you are willing to put in the time and work hard these guys can save you time, money and heartache by helping you to understand the steps necessary to have the greatest chance for success!

Inventright has an awesome database full of companies looking for ideas. Once you have someone interested the Inventright team will help guide you through the process and keep you on track to getting your first licensing agreement. There is no exact science to getting your product licensed. However, having a team of professionals who have either placed or been a part of the placement of hundreds of products into multiple industries and market segments gives you a better chance than going it alone. Carrol Shelby said it best on his biography I caught one day. I can’t quote him directly as I do not have the source, but the message was clear and it went something like this. (The smartest thing I ever did was to surround myself with people who were much smarter than me).

Inventright gives you the tools to present your product to companies who may be interested in licensing your product. They help you navigate terms of deals and will help guide you through negotiating a deal to a contract. They make themselves available when you need them and provide a wealth of information to help you make informed decisions. If you do the work and take their guidance you are increasing your chance of success!

— Inventors Chris & Jeff

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ace truevalue



Wordlock combo lock uses letters, not numbers.

“Stephen gave me substantial concrete feedback, gained from years of his taking ideas and turning them into successful products. My product is now in over 12,000 stores worldwide.”

Todd Basche


benr “Thanks to Stephen, Andrew, David and the entire inventRight team I just signed my licensing contract! It’s been a truly great experience and I couldn’t have done it as good as this without you. I found that the best things about the inventRight program are that the team has a lot of experience, offers hands-on, practical feedback and most importantly are extremely confidential. They were there for me, especially when it mattered most. A special thank you to my coach David who pushed me to take it one step further, helped me focus and had practical solutions to all the problems that came up along the way. I’ve found the inventRight program to be very proven and the most direct way to licensing for those who are committed to bringing their ideas to market. Thank you, inventRight!”Ben R.
tushar “I joined inventRight 9 months ago with a simple idea, that has turned into a working prototype, sell sheet, product demo video, company calls, and now negotiations for a licensing deal. All this was possible with the excellent teaching and coaching that inventRight provides. The weekly webinars, one on one coaching, and the information on the members only website, have been excellent. Stephen Key and his coaches are top notch. They have a proven system that works if you put in the hard work. I feel confident that I can apply the same knowledge into the other ideas I am currently working on. InventRight has reduced my learning curve and helped me avoid mistakes that would have cost me time and money. If you are serious about bringing your idea to market with licensing, I feel that inventRight is the best education you can get”– Tushar P
paulp “I am very happy to officially announce the completion of my licensing contract. They are planning for a holiday launch of the product, and it will be sold nationally and internationally.This product was created when I was unable to walk for 3 months after a terrible sports injury. Being stuck in bed has limitations on what you can physically do to heal. It helped me to rehabilitate my leg by activating trigger points in my injured leg while in bed. My hope is that it helps others as much as it has helped me during my time of injury.A sincere thank you to all at inventRight who contributed to this successful licensing deal. Being able to talk to someone who has been there and done that (licensing) is very comforting when you are in the mist of negotiations, so once again a very big thank you!”Kindest regards,
– Paul P
sylvia “Thank you to the inventRight program and coaches who have helped me license my first idea! Reading Stephen’s book was the foundation of learning about licensing and the inventRight program was what helped me take all the necessary steps to make it happen. Thank you David Fedewa, my coach, who mentored me at every weekly call on what the next steps would be and told me “It’s not a matter of IF, its a matter of WHEN”. There is honestly nothing else out there like this program.”— Sincerely, Sylvia P.
Richard Daughter “I just sold my idea. The licensee estimates they will order 128,000 units in the first run. They also plan to give the product its own spinner in each of their 980 stores world wide!The product was inspired by my daughter, Olivia (11 yrs), and I gave her all of the credit for the concept. In truth I had a conversation that got the idea going in my head and I designed it with her feedback, but they don’t need to know that. I even put her name along with mine on the provisional patent.They now see Olivia as a possible spokesperson for this product (they want to tell the story of the 11 year old designer and even use her first name in the product) and also they want more ideas from Olivia to consider. They’ve even invited us out to their headquarters to meet the staff and designers and review designs based on this concept. Very cool!Thank you so much for introducing me to this new and very exciting business and coaching me along the way!”Richard
pancakebotmiguelandkids PancakeBot was accidentally inspired by my daughter Lily Valenzuela when she was 3.5 years old. I was reading an article in Make Magazine when she asked me what I was doing. I told her I was reading about a man in England who made a pancake stamping machine out of LEGO. She instantly turned to her sister Maia and said, ‘Papa’s going to build a pamcake machine out of LEGO!’ Maia did a little dance and thus PancakeBot was born.After about 9 LEGO iterations, and countless gallons of pancake batter, we were able to make Mickey Mouse Pancakes.I wanted to show the world what I had made and had a thought in the back of my mind that this could be a product some day but it all seemed out of reach at the time. So I figured, why not make my mark on the internet and put the idea out there and see what people thought. And so I did. One day later, the video went viral and the LEGO version of PancakeBot was a hit.At about the same time that this started, I began taking Stephen Key’s course on licensing ideas. I was living in Norway at the time and the thought of even producing a product in Norway was daunting. Unfortunately, things are very expensive in Norway and the tools I needed to take the idea to the next level seemed out of reach but the concept of being able to license PancakeBot always stayed in the back of my mind.Another year passed and I decided it was time to take PancakeBot to the next level. With the help of Jonathan Stravitz, a friend of mine from New York and an investor, I created three different acrylic prototypes of PancakeBot. It included new technology and a new method for dispensing pancake batter. With the help of open source products and code, I finally had a working demo that debuted at the San Mateo Maker Faire in May of 2014.It was a hit and many people loved it. A few quirks here and there but for the most part, it did the job and people were excited.The neat thing about the situation was that because of my former exposure, PancakeBot became synonymous with my name and my family.One day in June, we received an email from a gentleman named Evan Dash who owned StoreBound, a company that helped bring products to market. I was excited and this is where Stephen’s course really helped. I was already familiar with the licensing process and felt that it was the best way to bring PancakeBot to market. Especially because of my living in Norway.So after some negotiations, we signed a deal with Evan and now, PancakeBot is slated to come to market early 2nd quarter.About Stephens CoursePrior to signing up with the course, I read as much as I could about licensing ideas and writing up patent applications etc. It all seemed so daunting and scattered. I decided to take Stephen’s course for two reasons, number 1 was to put it all together, number two was to gain access to a list of businesses that I could try to license my concepts to.What I quickly learned was that Stephen’s course was much more than that. The stories I heard, the experiences others shared, motivated me. It helped keep me going when things were rough. But Stephen’s course also provided information about what to look for in products, how to grow your ideas, how to expand and use the knowledge that was already out there.With PancakeBot though, I realised I took a different approach. I released plans to the LEGO version for free to people. I put my name out there and created a brand around PancakeBot and my name and my family. I did this unintentionally as I was primarily interested in letting people learn about PancakeBot and excite kids about cooking and robotics. I wanted to build a connection between food and technology that kids could relate too. Making it in LEGO was just a bonus (and LEGO makes a great prototyping tool).

But the greatest issue I faced was how to bring the idea to Market and share it with the world. And after great consideration, partnering with StoreBound was the right thing to do and we`re hoping it is a success.

Thanks to Stephen’s course though, I had the tools in hand to be able to make educated decisions when the opportunity arose.

If you’re and idea maker, a tinkerer, an inventor, and don’t know how to take your idea to the next level, Stephen’s course along with Andrew’s mentoring will be key in your success. I will let you know, that you can do it without Stephen’s course, but the learning curve will be tougher and longer and going at it solo can be difficult at times but the course and mentoring program will provide small keys to unlock your personal potential as you enter the world of creating, inventing and licensing.

Miguel Valenzuela
Creator of PancakeBot

Check out PancakeBot here.


Watch it in action here:

scottp250.jpg “Whether you consider yourself a serious inventor or a garage tinkerer, there comes a time when you must decide if you’re ready to take it to the next level. Stephen Key is the guy who can get you there. I would tell anyone wondering how to get your product on store shelves, to give Inventright a call today. The program is simple, supportive, and brilliant! It’s amazing to have a team of seasoned professionals in your corner guiding you through the entire process. Stephen, Andrew, and the rest of the team get the job done right! Thank you for doing a great job and helping people achieve what they might consider unachievable.”Thanks,

Over 40 SKU’s Licensed


allstarlicbGripGo, Clingo, Chalk Trail, & Squigz

“If you have good marketable ideas, licensing is likely your best path to success. And if Licensing is your best path to success, then InventRight should be your first stop on this journey. Licensing is simple in concept, but without experienced guidance can be a tricky, trying and sometimes treacherous process. InventRight provides the map, but Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss are experienced licensing sherpas there by your side to guide you all the way to the top.”

– Scott B. &
Scott at the International Housewares Show. Debuting Gadget Go at the AllStar Marketing booth.


Squigz mentioned on as one of the Top Ten Toys to Watch in 2015

Read the article here

Teeter Popper


tara “I started the Inventright course last October as I have always had loads of ideas, but never managed to successfully license any of them. The Inventright books, DVDs and webinars were great for learning all the steps you need to take in order to have the best chance of licensing your idea. The best thing about the course though, is having someone on the other end of the phone or Skype to talk to. Unlike other courses Stephen and Andrew answer the phones themselves, and have been great at steering me in the right direction when I got stuck, they also have a fantastic enthusiasm which helps to motivate you. After signing my first licensing agreement, I now see that it is really possible to license more of my ideas and that’s all thanks to Stephen and Andrew.”— Tara R


“I have successfully licensed FasciaDerm to a major Company.


— Donald B., President and CEO, Applied BioKinetics LLC

Find this product here.


Don has appeard on local TV with his product. faciadermtv

Available Nationwide in these stores and over 160 US Army & Air Force Bases



Dream to Destiny

Stephen Key, co-founder of inventRight came highly recommended to me from several credible sources. I hired Stephen as my mentor and a few months later he encouraged me to apply for the Hit Reality TV Show Wife Swap because they were looking for mom inventors. Our episode features our 2 patent pending products and will be on an aggressive re-run schedule in multiple countries for the next 3 years. What incredible publicity, thanks to Stephen. Additionally, Stephen referred The LA Times to me for an interview about our 2 products which they voted in the top 3 out of 9 innovations created in the 2009 recession. A BIG “Thank you” to Stephen!
Stephen is a terrific example of someone who pursued and achieved his dream of being a successful inventor. He’s been using his gift of innovation to create many new products over the past 20+ years as his full time job. With millions in royalties from his many inventions he’s able to live the life of his dreams being able to spend quality and quantity time with family and friends, loving his work and helping many other inventors achieve their dreams.

Dina Beauvais – Dream to Destiny



shelfwinnerSnapIt Screw

Since 2010, Nancy has sold over 15 million kits globally, with about $4.5 million in sales and $3.5 million in pure profit!

“I am signing a licensing deal this week and couldn’t have done it without your advise. Thanks Stephen for you valuable knowledge!!!!!! Stephen Key is the real deal. Without his knowledge and willingness to share it, I would not have been able to successfully bring my own product to market. Now readers of his book have the same opportunity to benefit from an education in start ups and just how true it is that all it takes is persistence and one simple idea.”

– Nancy Tedeschi – SnapIt Screw

Now available at:

wmt logo 2

Check out Nancy’s product here.

To date, Nancy’s company, Eyeego, LLC, has sold over five million screws and 400,000 eye glass repair kits, which include the screw, to the consumer retail market. Nancy has received numerous awards for her SnapIt Screw™ invention and as an entrepreneur, including first place Inventors Club of Kansas City Fifth annual National Invention Contest and Peoples Choice Award (2010); Optical Laboratory Association Award of Excellence (2011); Australian Optical Laboratory Association Award of Excellence (2011); National Hardware Retailers Choice Award for Best Product (2011); GWATA Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2011); and one of three winners of the Walmart “Get on the Shelf Contest” (2012).


SnapIt Screw Appears on QVC Canada


Nancy was on the Steve Harvey Show April 17, 2015. Great job Nancy!


jared joyce plughub

Plug Hub & Other Inventions

“The fundamentals that are taught by InventRight can be found in every product pitch I make. If you are serious about commercializing your product ideas the InventRight course is one of the best investments you can make in your education to put you on the road to success!”

— Jared Joyce



Onegee Bungee

“Stephen and Andrew and their inventright program were a great help to me in landing a great licensing contract. They are always easy to reach by phone and their insights are very valuable. The webinars are especially valuable as are their resources and contacts. The ability to go back and listen to archived webinars is great. I spent many hours driving around listening and learning. It’s really great to be able to discuss things with them as one works through all the details involved in chasing down and landing a licensing agreement.”

– Hank Raymond

Sold At…

True Value


inventRight Coach Alix Reed

“Well the deal is done.. I just signed my 1st licensing contract!! Your Idea of a yearly sale quota worked and I also got a “to market” date. I’ve been working with them on the factory sample. It is very close. I was impressed. It’s so cool to see one’s product actually made! They are shooting to have the samples by the Housewares’ Show in March. It’s tight.. but hopeful. They also starting to working on the packaging.. can’t wait to see it. So on to the next. I want to thank you for all your support and leadership on my 1st product. I still have to pinch myself. I never would of thought I could do this, especially in 6 months. I can’t believe how much I have learned in such a short time!! The InventRight system really works and I love the whole process!!”

— Best, Alix Reed


Perfectore Posture

“In 2011 shortly after we received the design patent on our product “The Posture Transformer” we were at a crossroads as to what direction to take. We began to do research on licensing which lead us to Stephen’s book, “One Simple Idea”. We were so inspired by the valuable content that we quickly signed up as students. The information and guidance that we have received from InventRight has been the most valuable in helping us establish our business strategy. Perfectore Corp. is a design house, we venture as well as license our products. By following the Invent Right strategy we have accomplished more than I can share with you now, but I feel the most vital tool has been that of introducing and pitching ideas to absolute strangers. This takes guts, but if you follow the Invent Right method you achieve goals effortlessly. Its about sticking to the program…one that works!! The best investment we have made to date is becoming students of the Invent Right system. Thanks guys, we are well on our way to unlimited success.”

— Marina Prospero and Collon Brown, Perfectore Corp.


Drop Down Drawer & Ventu Strainer Bowl

“Stephen and Andrew, what can I say?? You guys have truly helped me in so many ways this year! You helped me navigate through my first license and the wealth of knowledge that you both brought have been instrumental! Thank you so much for being my mentors and coaches through everything! I can honestly say that with your help, I feel so much more educated and confident in my abilities to secure licensing contracts and that’s priceless!”
“Can I just say this? I AM BLESSED with those that I know that help others…some stay quiet about how they help others in life!! I want to recognize a few people that have been an inspiration to me! Stephen M Key, he helps inventors and what an amazing man! Andrew Krauss who believes in everyone that has a spark of an idea…we need these people in our lives…someone that has our back with our ideas…THANK YOU!!!”
– Andrea Zabinski, CEO, Think Up Innovations, LLC


Drop Down Drawer

Licensed To Lifetime Brands

lifetimebrands (Coffee Pod Version) Bed Bath & Beyond


Vstrainerentu Strainer Bowl



Curtain Clasper

curtainDon’t take this course if you’re looking for a quick, easy and magic solution to making money. Licensing your ideas is hard work. Fun, challenging, rewarding and potentially lucrative, but hard work. inventRight shows you how to most effectively leverage that effort to get the best shot at the goal and to avoid expensive and time-consuming mistakes.

Stephen Key is the real deal. It’s always best to learn from someone who’s done it before, but Stephen brings that learning to a whole different level, by guiding his students every step along the way. He gives inventors and independent designers like myself the skill set and confidence required to get in the door with these big companies, and land a great licensing deal. Open Innovation is an amazing business platform, and there is no better teacher than Stephen Key.”

John P.

Available at:


winehiveWine Hive® Modular Wine Rack

Extruded from infinitely-recyclable aluminum, the WineHive is comprised of just a single structural element that repeats itself to form an infinite array of honeycomb structures. Its organic nature adds modern styling to any room, and its modularity allows it to grow as your wine collection grows.

The WineHive is finished in a beautiful high-end Satin Anodize, and packs flat for efficient shipping.

Check out PancakeBot here.

kordKordl2 – Never wrap of untangle your ear buds again.

We all use earbuds, and with earbuds come tangled cords. Kordl 2 is a small clip that prevents your earbuds from tangling, by keeping your cords in a closed loop. It attaches easily and securely to the base of your earbuds, and has a groove for your earbud cords to snap into place when not in use.

Successfully funded with Kickstarter, now available HERE.

clipbookClipBook – Magentic Clipboard

Now available: Click Here

The durability and protection of a hardcover book. The natural flipping motion of a notepad. New, yet so familiar.


Now sold around the world. Your guitar will not come apart when the strings are taken off and it will sound and sustain like never before!

“It is without reservation that I can recommend Stephen Key and the inventRight program to you. Stephen Key counseled us on our ideas, his guidance allowed our company to go from “coffee table idea” to “worldwide brand” with distribution on 5 Continents and over 50 countries around the world in just 5 years. Currently my products have led to sales revenues in excess of “7 Figures” per year, and I have continued to grow. Stephen, we wish you all the best and continued success in the future…the truth is we could not have done this without you, thanks again!

Dwight D.
President, Tone Pro
(Pictured right with Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top)

Available at…



swaddlechangeHALO® SwaddleChange™ Changing Pad Cover

“I just signed my first licensing deal – and I could absolutely not have done it without the tremendous help of Andrew Krauss. He has been amazing! I can’t say enough about how he has helped me. He has guided me and advised me and reassured me. He has responded to every single email and call in a fast, friendly, helpful manner. I was recommended to Stephen’s book by a friend and thank God for it! The book led me to InventRight and InventRight led me to a licensing agreement. It has been a 9 month process, and Andrew has been there to help me every step of the way. I now have a business, a licensing deal with a great company, excellent attorneys on my team, and a wealth of knowledge. Thank you Andrew!

– Sarah S.
Available in these stores…

ICON Aircraft – Steen Strand


“Your approach has forced me to reexamine my entire process. I like to think that I’m pretty knowledgeable about this stuff since I have a masters degree in product design from Stanford University, worked at IDEO and I’ve built a company around one of my inventions. But despite all that and my dealings with all sorts of designers over the past 10 years your approach hit me like a breath of fresh air.”

Steen Strand
Inventor & Graduate of Stanford School Of Design
Visiting Instructor at Stanford School Of Design
AB Economics From Harvard
Co-Founder & COO Icon Aircraft

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kongPull & Squeak

“If necessity is the mother of invention, Stephen and Andrew are its midwives. Before discovering inventRight, I was winging it, using a haphazard process of my own that could generously be called “invent wrong”. The inventing process can sometimes be like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride. Andrew and Stephen smooth out the bumps for you and let you know what’s likely coming over that next hill. I’ve been bitten by the inventing bug and inventRight has shown me how to harness my inventing superpowers for good. Why wouldn’t you sign up for inventRight?

Whether you need gentle guidance or full-on hand-holding, Andrew and Stephen are there for you every step of the way. If not now, when? Where else can you take advantage of professionals who have “been there, done that” and are willing and able to show you the exact steps to get to that same spot?

I signed up for the inventRight course two years ago. Through diligent application of the steps I learned and by leveraging the exceptional one-on-one support of both Stephen and Andrew, I have now successfully licensed two ideas and have several more in the pipeline. I’m STOKED!

Using the steps I learned from the inventRight course has been the most exciting, challenging and rewarding experience of my life. I can now call myself officially a professional inventor. inventRight helped me to reinvent my career path into something I’m passionate about: making my new product ideas come to life. Whether you’re a rocket surgeon (smarter than a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon put together) or a regular person, like me, you CAN do this.

Does inventRight guarantee that all of your ideas will be licensed? Of course not. But, if you’re willing to put in the effort and learn from Stephen and Andrew’s phenomenal course and one-on-one coaching, you’ll be much more likely to find a home for your ideas than if you are just “winging it”.”

Watch a video of my newest product “Pull & Squeak” here.

– Chuck Lampry, Big Kahuna Products

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The Award Winning Qube

Okay…it looks like a simple wooden box. But looks can be deceiving.

The LP Qube is actually a very high-tech approach to shaker design. A unique internal-baffle design produces a multitude of shaker effects…all depending on what direction the “box” is moved in. Forward-and-back creates one sound; side-to-side creates another. Spin your wrist to shake it in a circular pattern and you get a double-timed version of both. The rhythmic potential is virtually limitless.

“If it were not for Stephen’s gracious availability and encouragement we would still be dreamin’ and not doin’. He has helped us successfully navigate through our first worldwide licensing deal with a major manufacturer in our market. It’s only the beginning for us.”

~Jeff S. and Mark S. – Visionary Directions, LLC

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Bev Tagz

I bought the InventRight course as a last ditch effort to get my product to market. Following Stephen’s formula, I had a corporation interested within minutes of sending them a sell sheet. Then came the daunting task of negotiating my first licensing contract. I could not have done it without Stephen and Andrew! They personally guided me through the entire process. From referrals to top notch attorneys to “role playing” conversations with corporate executives, they provided me with a wealth of experience, sound advice and confidence to get the deal done. Thank you Stephen and Andrew! I am proud to be one of your students and appreciate your extraordinary passion and integrity.

Margot Sorensen
IDya Products LLC

“What an exciting day! My product has shipped to Rite Aid and CVS. Here are the photos of the product as it will appear in the store. I couldn’t have done it without you guys! Thanks again.”

– Margot

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Hyper Pet K9 Canon

I used the principals in Stephen’s book One Simple Idea to license my product, the Hyper Pet K9 Canon.

— Jeff B.

Check it out here.



To anyone who is looking at InventRight as a help and resource in developing a product or in learning the process, I would say get involved with these guys. I have been an Inventright student since July 2011. Stephen and Andrew are the real deal. I was a little skeptical at first and the first time that I really needed something I called and got a voicemail so I hung up and went about what I was doing. Shortly thereafter I got a return call from Stephen saying that he missed my called and asked what he could help me with. I was pleasantly surprised. Since then I have found that is the norm at Inventright. They are there to help and they do! It doesn’t matter how small or dumb your question seems they are always very willing to give their advice and help you through the hurdles that are present in this business. I love the resources they provide as well as the weekly webinars. I really appreciate the relationship that I feel with them. Without Stephen, Andrew, and Inventright I could not have brought my idea to life and have it on the market.

Thank you Stephen and Andrew you guys are awesome!

– Paul S

Check out Paul’s product here.



“I want to thank you again for your time. Here is a link to our product called Pin Ups that we licensed. The product has been changed slightly and should be on shelves any day now. We also wanted to thank Andrew for helping us modify our sell sheets. We changed them & got a deal! Yay!”

Watch the video here.

– Beth M.

hetaleva “Inventright served as our support team as we navigated the negotiation process licensing our product. We found the breadth of background knowledge through Inventright to be helpful in understanding the various aspects of a deal. Inventright definitely helped us get much better terms than we would have gotten on our own. We’ve now signed on a deal that we’re happy with!”– Hetal & Eva
Ryan-Z heightchart“An entrepreneur at heart but one adverse to risk and large start-up costs. That was me. I was pursuing an apparel business and it was becoming increasingly clear the business model was not going to work. Enter InventRight. Andrew and Stephen taught me how to blend my creativity with my entrepreneurial side. Using their program anyone can get into licensing, a business model with minimal risk and financial investment. The best part about it is, it’s fun, the sky is the limit, and you can do it literally anywhere. Having recently just licensed my first invention in just around 4 months, I plan to produce more products and do it all traveling in Central America where I’m planning an extended vacation. Thank you Stephen and Andrew for all your expert help and advice! The amount of time you spend teaching and talking to inventors like myself is unparalleled and extremely beneficial!”– Ryan Z.
sandy “I’m so thankful to Stephen and Andrew. I would of never got my idea licensed if it hadn’t been for them. They gave me the knowledge to feel confident enough to believe I can do this! And they are always a phone call away, whenever I need mentoring. Thanks Guys!!”– Sandy P.

Deck Down

“In a world of great product ideas and a crowd of voices and opinions of how to get your ideas to market, getting solid answers, insights and honest help can be hard to come by. There’s no lack of frustration in deciding what and who to believe. Well BELIEVE THIS, Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss turn frustration into education, motivation, and deliver the genuine article through road-tested experience and the dedication to sharing it. Their infinite passion for products and the people who bring them to life shines through in everything they do, from the programs, to the publications, right down to the personal conversations, which they do often and openly. They get it, and more so, want others to get it too. For the dreamers becoming doers, it’s a priceless asset and without question, one that helps get it done! Using what we have learned we quickly licensed our first product to a manufacturer in California and it is now being marketed at Home Depot

Stephen and Andrew, a million thanks, you make a difference to the delight of us all!”

– Curt & Rich

4164563 orig

leigh-martin “One of the best things about you guys is that you clearly want to help. While navigating the often treacherous path from concept to market I found so much misinformation and so many cautionary tales about scams and pitfalls and everywhere I turned, I found plenty of those who wanted money or equity just to give out the simplest information or crack open their Rolodex for me. Initially, I came to your site while web surfing to check out your resources page and I was surprised and happy to see that you didn’t try to hold back- there was much useful information and contact info and great articles. Although you did promote yourselves and your services on your site, I respected that you didn’t leave the impression that I had to spend money before learning what I first came for. This told me that you guys are passionate about what you do for its own sake. Next, I listened to the stories of other successful inventors and that of course was very motivating and inspiring. I had the chance to talk twice with Stephen and once with Andrew over the next year and again, you guys were completely forthcoming, encouraging and respectful of me as a ‘real’ inventor even though I hadn’t made a dime yet- and hadn’t yet paid you anything. Another great thing about you both is the tone you set: It was very reassuring and important to me to hear you say over and over the message that this process doesn’t have to be complicated, costly or mystifying… it IS possible to license an idea without breaking the bank- there are steps one can take and shortcuts and moreover; the licensees put their pants on just like we do and that they need us just as much, (maybe more) than we need them. That gave me the confidence to start thinking of myself as the real deal and speaking of my product in commercial terms without feeling as if I was at a disadvantage. You paid it forward and that made me want to pay you back. After I joined, it was also terrific to get your input on the contract. I was overwhelmed and intimidated at first and again you were generous with your time and helped me quickly separate the forest from the trees. One comment in particular about the contract that sticks in my mind is when I was questioning the minimum $20K in sales required to renew the agreement. I said that number seemed too low and you said I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff because ‘when it comes to DRTV, it’s like being a little bit pregnant; either you are or you aren’t’! Priceless!” – Leigh Martin

Plate Talk

“The inventright course is the Map that showed me the way to the Treasure of Licensing. I am so grateful to Stephen and Andrew for their support and guidance in every step. Without your assistance, I would not have been able to license my product. I cannot thank you guys enough. I think the inventright course should be a pre-requisite for inventors who seriously want to bring their inventions to market. Thank you very much.”

Best Regards, Vikash



“I just licensed my new fresh lip shaped mints! Thank you Stephen for all the help. I know this sounds like a paid advertisement, which it is not, but investing in your InventRight Licensing Course was the best investment I made for my business. I am so impressed by how quickly you responded to my voice mails and emails seeking your advice. There are so many ups and downs while licensing a product, having you available to answer my questions and provide sound advice is priceless. One of the most important lessons I learned from you is to stay positive and flexible while negotiating the licensing agreement.”

Thank you!!!
Kathryn B


beerbongbeltThe Beer Bong Belt

Always be the life of the party with the Beer Bong Belt. Show off your beer bong belt, or keep it concealed until the perfect time! Jon recently licensed this idea.

“The InventRight program gave me the tools to turn my ideas into actual products. The best part is being able to talk to Stephen and Andrew whenever I hit a wall trying to sell my ideas. They are always right there with a positive and helpful answer. Thanks guys!”

Thanks again,
Jon Corbett – inventRight Customer Service



Seat Sock

I signed the licensing agreement for the Passenger Seat Sock. My licensee will bring it onto the market under the name Go Band and will launch in November, 2011.

Stephen, I could not have done this AT ALL if it would not have been for your program and coaching along the way.

THANK YOU very much – t h a n k y o u . I deeply appreciated your help along the way.



The Mumbani™ Fresh Face pillow is an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle sleep accessory that will help you lose that irritating “morning face” and promote healthier, smoother skin! “Morning Face”, or the lines and wrinkles we see as more prevalent when we wake up, are caused by sleeping on your side and stomach with your face constantly pressed against the pillow.

“I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am for all your support, help and mostly your caring and kind heart, in guiding me into a partnership with an excellent company. I am so happy after speaking with my licensee yesterday and today. He is truly a “good guy” as you described him the very first time you told me to contact him. I am meeting him in person on Friday which is when we will execute the agreement and I will provide the 50 sample product for test marketing.

Thank you Stephen, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, can’t say it enough times. It would not have happened without you!”

Elizabeth Bloch



A nutritional supplement for anxiety and panic attacks.

“All I have to say is your “10 steps to bring your idea to market” is the quickest, most effective and least expensive education and support system one could have that is so simple to follow. Anyone can become a multi millionaire that is dedicated with the help of this program. Basically a fast track to success and fortune. We all have innovative ideas, add your program and their you go…..

With the help of Stephen and Andrew I was able to strike a licensing contract with termsI wanted and with the company I wanted to partner with. We struck this deal for Relaxium, our nutritional supplement for anxiety and panic attacks without a patent in less than 30 days.

Stephen, Andrew, thanks for holding my hand, getting on the phone and negotiating for me, keeping my faith and giving me the knowledge to succeed. Keep up the good work!”

Timea Ciliberti
PS. I’m working on my next project 🙂

Cable Buddy

Cable Buddy™ is an incredibly versatile and
easy-to-use cable/cord organizer solution that helps you neatly label, wrap and organize all your cables and cords!

“I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in bringing an idea to market, no matter what your background is or what stage you’re at. It will save you time and money AND increase your chances of success! I now have my first product on the market and have more on the way. It works! Thank you Stephen and Andrew!”

Ray Tom


Bucket Bowl

The Store All, Carry All, Go Anywhere Elevated Pet Feeder

“In writing this testimonial I realized just how true it is and happy I am with inventRight. The only problem is, it still sounds too good to be true!

Since I was little, I dreamed of becoming an inventor. After many years and many thousands of dollars doing it the wrong way I discovered Stephen Key and his inventRight course. At first it seemed too good to be true, but during our initial phone conversation Stephen gave me irrefutably sound advice. I decided to purchase the course and I’m so glad that I did. Within two months of purchasing the inventRight program I signed my first licensing agreement on an invention that I’ve struggled with for years. True to his word, Stephen was there every step of the way, even when I was about to settle for an unacceptable deal. Stephen guided me to be in control, to seek the right deal for my invention, and to realize my dream of becoming a successful inventor.”

– Dennis R. Van Vleet
Inventor of the bucket bowl


PileSmart® Desktop Organizer Tray

You can still pile, and, stay organized. Keep your papers neat and organized with PileSmart Desktop Organizer Tray.

“I greatly appreciated that you simplified the process into 10 sequential steps. Your method shows me that I can do this one step at a time, and without the overwhelm from conflicting information from others. Thank you.”

Linda Pollock
Professional Organizer & Mom Inventor

The PileSmart® Desktop Organizer Tray won the “Organizer’s
Choice Award for Best Business Product at the 2007 annual NAPO Conference.


Dangsheng Liang, Ph.D.
Apex Bait Technologies, Inc.

Bringing Science into the Art
of Insect Bait Formulation

“From my own experience, I know it well that any help or advice during the beginning stage is invaluable. I truly appreciate the advices and tips I learned from Stephen and Andrew. You guys are doing something extraordinary that changes the life of many people.”

Dangsheng Liang, Ph.D.


The Skin Zipper

An air hammer driven door skinning tool. Skins doors in less than 10 minutes.

“The inventRight course has helped open my eyes, in not only turning everyday problems into products, but helping me get over the fear of getting my ideas ripped off.”

Tim G.
Inventor of The Skin Zipper


Shoe Clues

Teach Kids to Put the Right Shoe on the Right Foot

“The most important thing I learned from Stephen is to keep putting products out there – to learn from the experience and try again. I licensed my second invention, Shoe Clues, with almost no investment and about five hours worth of work. I now have four licensed products with several other products in development. And my income exceeds my investment on each product.

Shelley Hunter
Mom Inventor


“I took the inventright classes 4 years ago. I wanted to thank you. Flawless Fingers™, a revolutionary nail polish applicator with a guide that prevents nail polish from coming in contact with your skin, and Air-Porter™ a carefully engineered travel accessory that allows people to carry heavy and bulky items from the parking garage, to the check in counter then to security, will be launched Dec 1. Thank you again for your help,”

Janet B.

photobox “Inspiration transformed into action! This is the result inventRight delivered for my product ideas. This amazing company helped transform my dreams and product concepts into a viable business. In less than a year, after taking the inventRight course, I have productized and Trade marked over 25 items. I am now talking with Target, QVC, Walgreen’s and contacting Victoria Secret & Mary Kay Cosmetics to distribute my merchandise. InventRight provided me with both the knowledge and confidence to approach these large corporate distribution channels. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to call these companies. Knowing the right answers to their questions was key, and inventRight had me completely prepared.

I would like to thank Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss for their excellent advice and counsel. They always made themselves available for questions, and their timely response to emails was extraordinary. InventRight’s “tele-seminars” broadened my knowledge and continued to drive me toward success. Working with Stephen and Andrew, I felt cared for, motivated, and most of all, educated. I enthusiastically recommend inventRight to help anyone convert their dream idea into reality. Victory!”

Please visit my web-site proceeds of my products will go to support Women in Business.

Warmest Regards,
Dixie Daly
President /Tickled Pink Group Inc.