InventYES Program Calendar

Classes run from 3:30-4:30pm CT

New students will be accepted until January 15th.


October 29th

What is Licensing? Learn how to use your creativity to get companies working for you.

November 12th

Step 1: Studying the Marketplace. To invent a marketable idea, you need to understand what customers want.

December 3rd

Studying the Marketplace Part II. This Step is so essential we’ll spend a second week teaching you how to become an expert quickly!

December 17th

Step 2: Inventing for the Marketplace. Learn how to play fun and easy games that will strengthen your creative muscle.

January 7th

Steps 1-2 Review Session + Special Guest.

January 21st

Step 3: Evaluating Your Ideas. Which one of your ideas should you move forward with?

February 4th

Step 4: Prototyping Your Idea. What are the best ways of bringing a product idea to life?

February 18th

Step 5: One-Sentence Benefit Statements. Stop people in their tracks and get them to say, “Wow, I want to learn more.”

March 3rd

Step 6: Sell Sheets. Learn how to create the tool that will present your idea for you.

March 17th

Sell Sheets Part II + Special Guest. We’ll work on your sell sheets together.

March 31st

Step 7: Protecting Your Idea. How to make sure your idea stays yours.

April 14th

Patent Attorney Special Session.

April 28th

Step 8: Getting In. You know companies will like your idea—now you need to show it to them.

May 12th

Step 9: Cutting a Great Deal. Hooray! A company wants to license your idea.

May 26th

Step 10: Moving On to Your Next Great Idea. Now that you know how to do this, you can invent marketable products over and over again.