Our Mission

Our mission is to help inventors license their ideas..

For the past 13 years, Stephen and Andrew have been helping inventors successfully bring their ideas to market. The old patent-and-prototype method is just that: Old. But even more importantly, it’s simply not effective—and frankly, it never has been.

At inventright, we believe that inventors need to be in charge of their own destiny. This is why we emphasize education so strongly. We want to empower our students to continue licensing their invention ideas for years to come after they graduate from our yearlong course. We are not middlemen. The royalties that our students earn are solely their own. The purpose of our program is to teach inventors how to profit from their creativity through licensing, including how to identify potential licensees, how to protect their ideas, and how to negotiate fantastic licensing deals. We will coach you personally through all of these steps and any more.

Our time-tested teaching methods work. Click here to read what inventright students think about our method in their own words.